This resource page is being continually developed as we source useful links, references and places to visit. We hope these suggestions provide you with information and ideas to make a great wildlife garden.

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There’s a number of plant nurseries around Ballarat.  Ask them about local native species and other great native hardy substitutes. Many plants are seasonally available.

    • Avalon Nursery,  41 Kopkes Road, Haddon VIC 3351
    • Bonshaw Nursery, 394 Lacys rd Ross Creek
      Ballarat, VIC, 3351 (Wed to Saturday 10am-4pm)
    • Formosa, 102 Leith Street, Redan
    • GrowMaster, 9527 Western Fwy, Warrenheip VIC 3352
    • Lambley, Ascot 395 Lesters Rd, Ascot VIC 3364 (stocking perennial and vegetable seeds and hardy exotic perennials)
    • Spot on Pots, 13-15 Wallis Street, Delacombe VIC 3356
    • Wild Plants, 435 Joseph Street, Canadian VIC 3350 (phone beforehand to confirm). A commercial nursery growing local indigenous native plants, mostly for acreage.
    • Navigators Nursery, Yendon – Navigators Road, Navigators VIC 3352 (Wed to Sunday 10am-4pm)


Some books you might find interesting and inspiring:

Habitat- A practical guide to creating a wildlife-friendly Australian garden. AB Bishop 2018  ISBN: 9781760523473

Gardens for a Changing Climate, Jenna Reed Burns 2008; ISBN: 9781920989859

The Australian Garden Designing with Australian Plants By: Diana Snape, 2011


Websites/online guides.

There’s many interesting guides online. Here’s some we’ve used and recommend. Click on the links to explore:

A number of designs for nestboxes so you can provide homes for birds, bats and tree-loving mammals:

Fed Uni nestbox-info-and-patterns

A blog about local plants and animals that help support wildlife on private property: Natural Habitat Highlights

The ABC has a number of fact sheets for gardening. Check the tips for backyard biodiversity and how it benefits your garden: ( a Knox G4W gardener featured in 2013)

Gardening Australia wildlife gardening videos

This regional program from Central Victoria provides information about wildlife gardening. Key principles and suggestions are included:

Sustainable Gardening Australia provide information and support for creating sustainable gardens. Learn how to create garden beds from scratch:

An annual citizen science event. Why not download the app to register the birds you see in and around your own backyard:

Creating places for birds

A video (~40 minutes) on Facebook by Dr Holly Parsons from BirdLife Australia, Creating a bird friendly garden